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Software Consulting

Simple & Effective Software Solutions

BitForest is a team of qualified experts operating in the IT sector capable of delivering high quality software within the shortest possible time frames at competitive prices. Our aim at BitForest is to provide our clients with the most efficient, “pain free” and a seamless development experience.

At BitForest we have worked hard to become a software development leader and continue to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We aim to minimise all risk associated with software development and consistently deliver the best service and products. We guarantee a quality finished version of your software requirements with our work considered second to none.





Our Services

“We prefer to provide a select few services but deliver them at an impeccable standard. We combine quality, affordability and punctuality to ensure your product is exactly as you request and your development dollar goes as far as possible.”

Software Consulting

Offering you just the right mix of software development and professional advice to pave the way in creating your bright ideas.

"With our expertise and your vision, together we can uncover the perfect solution".

When it comes to bits and bytes, we can offer you the perfect road-map to guide you towards achieving the best possible outcome for your business. BitForest offers a personal service and take some of the weight of running your business through simple software solutions. We have many years of experience in the industry and importantly, we are up to date with the latest knowledge, tools and technology being used in today's market.


Responsive Web Development

Giving you a professional & stunning web presence

We design, develop, test and deliver your project with the highest level of professionalism, speed and quality. Our portfolio includes over 300 websites spread across 25 industries. Customer service is our focus and throughout the entire development process and beyond, we provide our clients the highest level of customer care. This 100% commitment to quality and customer care gives us the edge over our competitors. Let us take your vision online.

Cloud & Desktop Application Development

Innovating Future Applications for your Business

"You can have a custom designed application built specifically for your business needs".

It is often difficult to find an out-of-the-box software application that is exactly suited for your work or business requirements. Don't be restricted by what is currently available, let us help you build it yourself. We offer our resources and expertise so you can create a more efficient business tool that specifically and accurately meets your business needs. We can design a super light-weight application that does exactly what is required minus the useless functions. The end result means your staff can get on with the job faster and more efficiently.


Mobile Phone App Development

Start building your dream mobile App today

"The sooner you act on your idea, the sooner we get things done for you, so give us a call now"

So you have been thinking about that mind blowing App for some time now? You might also have discussed it with friends and family and they seem to love it. Then why not get this killer idea out there, make a serious impression and possibly make some big bucks. Give us a call today to organise a free, initial meeting to go over your idea and discuss getting it off the ground. We can provide many solutions for launching your idea depending on your budget, target audience and circumstances.

Online Shopping Solutions

Sell your products & services online via your own eCommerce Website

"Be part of a global virtual business network and expand your market beyond your limited local area"

Have you thought of opening a 24/7 shop which doesn't require your physical presence or costly overheads? With an online store, you can increase your current sales volume dramatically whilst expanding your customer base from a local to a global reach. By taking your store online, you're able to connect with potential customers made only possible through the power of the internet. Setting up an e-commerce store can have it's complications. At BitForest, we make the entire process simple with excellent ongoing support ensuring your business runs smoothly, always. We can automate all your payment systems allowing you to make money while you sleep whilst constantly keeping track of your inventory using smart yet simple tools. To discover how easy it is to start your online empire, call us today for an obligation free quote.


Copy Writing - What is it?

All the written content you see on any website is called copy or copy-writing. It is the wording used to describe a site, explain what is offered or simply to deliver information.

Whatever your new website or application offers clients, it is important that the wording used best captures what you provide. While an application can be costly to develop, it can be let down by poor grammar or incorrect spelling and terminology. For a fraction of the development cost, professional wording can really make your site stand out.

A secondary service we offer at BitForest is copy writing for your entire site or application. This ensures a continuity between the development of your site or application and the content delivered to your clients. From start to finish, we will ensure your site functions, looks and reads exactly the way you want it to.


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